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The VSB has become one of the largest continuing education programs with a catalog of over 8,000 courses and the registration of over 88,000 students annually. We also have distance education and correspondence classes in fashion design, computer programming, public speaking and creative writing.

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Search for classes that you can take online towards fulfilling your degree requirements. We have courses for full-time and part-time students. Programs are available for full-time working adults who are dedicated to improving their skills and continuing their education.

The Vancouver Training Institute provides quality career and employment related programs that will prepare students to:
Qualify for entry into the labour market.
Upgrade your professional skills to increase your chance for career advancement.
Develop skills necessary to engage in further studies.
Enhance existing business skills to remain current with the immediate and growing needs of the labour market.
Acquire required skills for new career opportunities.
Develop business skills and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Financial Assistance: If you are expect to apply for financial assistance (e.g. Student Loans, Human Resources Canada, etc.) please allow 7 - 9 weeks for processing. Therefore, if you are interested in a particular educational program, you must complete the VTI Program Application for Admission as soon as possible. Contact us today for expedited admission.

Some programs are open to part time studies. See Home Page Part-Time Diploma and Certificate Programs for details. All Students (full & part time) must complete an Application for Admission & attach a copy of proof of age.

The Business Management Certificate Program is designed to offer the skills and training that can help you work effectively in established businesses and in new and growing small businesses. The courses in the Business Management Certificate Program have been developed to maximize flexibility in business education skills. Choose one of three (3) options to specialize in your specific area of professional and academic interest. Strong English language skills are required for this program. A proficiency certificate will be issued for each successfully completed course. Course must be 12 or more hours in length. One-day workshops will not be accepted. You have 36 months to complete the eight (8) courses required for any educational option.



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